The Ascended Self MasterClass Is Re-opening 
(with Three Modules)

The MasterClass encompasses two overarching, entwining goals:

The Master Teacher's goal: For you to harness the power of your ascension.

The Divine Mother's Goal: Your joyful living fulfillment of Her questions: 

  • Are you living the life you choose?
  • Are you living an inspired life?
  • Do you know why you're here?
  • Are you consciously creating every aspect of your life? 
  • Are you working with every aspect of your being?
  • Are you fully in your sacred relationship with the Divine?

Our promise:

You will embody the full power of your ascended self, and live as the full embodied answers to the Divine Mother's miraculous questions.


What is Ascension?

Ascension is transcending the limited outmoded belief systems of who you are and what you think you are capable of, and rising into the embodiment of who you were always meant to be. This miraculous transformation takes place through deep spiritual work and awakening, and it manifests in every aspect of your life. It is you consciously living in the richness and joy of your divinity. 


Ascension is the fulfillment of a promise.

Ascension is you.



Meet Linda Dillon, the Council's Master Teacher

Take a moment to hear Linda tell the story of lying on the icy pavement one night 30 years ago, broken and dying as she was lifted up and offered a life or death choice. Only then can you understand the depth of what Linda Dillon and the Council of Love are all about.

Linda is your guide and mentor through every step of your Ascended Self MasterClass. She will have an intimate awareness of your personal journey throughout.

Hetty Sarjeant

"What an absolutely precious gift you have given to the world.... with courage, dedication and love! With my heart filled with joy, I've once more dedicated myself to serving the Mother and fulfilling my purpose. Again, my  thanks to you for all your guidance, and love."

Lee Degani

“My heart is singing too all these days later along with every part of my inner and outer body!! I am still in so much awe about all of this!! It is so glorious but yet so much fun! You are the best!!  I love you Linda and am truly blessed that you are my teacher and friend!!”  


When you begin your work in the Core Issues Module, Linda is by your side, assisting you to clear persistent key obstacles. Through this profound clearing, you are freed - released to move unhindered into the first stage of living the life you choose…in answer to the Mother’s first question.


The process

You begin by digging deep to discover those recurring issues, the nightmares that have barred your forward thrust. Next, we surrender and clear the path, eliminating any and all nagging bumps in the road. And finally, there’s your release into the refined balance of the life of your choosing.


This course is primary under the guidance of Archangel Raphael and St. Germaine. You cannot embody the fullness of your ascended self if you are still burdened by feelings of lack and limitation, old beliefs, hurts or disappointment. The Council has designed this course to give you the support, strategies and tools to free you from these burdens. You will gain heart wisdom so if this aberration reoccurs, you will know how to quickly and gracefully abolish it.


"The Core Issue Class is autonomy for the heart and soul. To revisit all past guilt, shame, abandonment and disappointment, and then to release this debris, is the sovereignty for my ascension journey.  Love and forgiveness are the requirements for my highest and best good.  Thank you, Linda and the Council of Love, for your loving support."  - Elizabeth Farrington

  • 5 live webinar lessons with dynamic Q & A ‐ Jan. 12, 26, Feb. 2, 23, March  9; from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time

  • Targeted weekly guided meditations and channeled readings. 

  • Liberated from past hurts that drain your energy; feel lighter and more free. I'll guide you on how to clear, balance and live in Love, Peace and Creation.

  • Overview of Energetics of Gaia and Ascension Right Now. You will jump into an interactive forum with Linda Dillon participating and making herself available for consultation.


Next, you embrace your Inspired Self. Here you begin to embody the truth of your divinity and the wonderful super-powers innate to our original blueprint. This module takes you into the answers to the Mother’s second and third questions: Are you living an inspired life? Do you know why you’re here?


The process

Under the gentle tutelage of Archangel Uriel, you are guided into who you really are and why you are here. You come to fully claim and anchor your mantle of divine authority. The Inspired Self module establishes your clear, inspired path and your direct connection to heaven.  Think of how these integrated super-powers will impact your daily life!


This course is under the direct guidance of Archangel Uriel. Deeply understanding all aspects of your ascending/ascended self, and harmonizing all those aspects into active integration is the foundation of the Inspired Self.


This journey will take you, not only through familiar territory, but introduce new concepts and understandings into the essence of your being.


“There's something very comforting about being in Archangel Uriel's invisible silver energy with him and knowing he's got our back! I just feel like I could fly...well, I guess I AM... moving through the portals seems to be becoming the norm. It feels like we're at lift off...everybody was so still, yet in motion. Oh boy - soon to be the action of my dreams coming true.” - Roz Lett

  • 5 Live webinar session: April 13, 27, May 11, 25,  June 8;  from
    1-2:30 p.m., Eastern Time. 

  • Deeper merging of known aspects of your angelic, star seed, Atlantian, Lemurian, Wingmaker selves

  • Understanding and engaging your Stranger Without & Watcher Within, then anchoring & integration of your Admirer & Critic.

  • You will have a profound knowing, embracing and in-dwelling of your Inspired Self.


Next, with a clear vision of your Inspired Self, it’s time to step into the future! This final module is called Conscious Creating with The Divine Mother, which is where the Divine Mother literally places Her hands over yours and teaches you how to create with and as the Divine.


The process

You will learn the practical elements of co-creating with the Divine Mother in tandem with the Universal Laws. She guides your every step in this culmination and completion of your journey – the claiming and anchoring of your ascended self!


This is you stepping forward as the manifestor of your dreams. This is you creating Nova Earth in tangible form. This is you as the powerful creator you’ve always known yourself to truly be.


The Mother is asking: “Are you creating every aspect of your life?”

Take a moment to consider what it will feel like when you answer, “Yes!”


That is precisely what’s ahead for you in this never-to-be-repeated Ascended Self MasterClass. Stop wishing and hoping, and step into BEING the hope and the fulfillment of the promise.


The Divine Mother, with the phenomenal assistance of Sanat Kumara (planetary logos) and St. Germaine (supreme alchemist), will take your ascended self by the hand and guide you in Her method of manifestation; to learn Her approach of bringing the dreams of your heart into physicality. The Mother is stepping forth to assist you in maneuvering within the landscape of this New Beginning and embracing the offerings being laid at your doorstep.


"I'm learning to use the Universal Laws in my daily life and, wow, what a difference! The basis for everything, however, is Love - finally! Love for myself and for all. You called that out in me, and I'm so grateful." - Prudence Atkins

  • 5 Live webinar sessions: July 13, 27, Aug. 10, 24, Sept. 7; 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern Time. 

  • Experience the joy of living your passion and loving what you do.
  • Gain clarity about your sacred purpose in life and implement the actions to make it a reality.

  • Learn to operate from the divine authority and knowing by operating as a Conscious Creator. You will achieve and experience things beyond your wildest imagination. 

Read this section if you read nothing else.

What you need to know about Linda's mentoring

It may seem that Linda’s work is accomplished through her teaching and mentoring in each of the Ascended Self MasterClass sessions and daily forum interactions. And while it is, there is so much more.


First, very early every morning the Council of Love encircles Linda as she meditates. Each class member becomes the loving focus of these mighty ones as they bless you and aid your clearing, embodying and creation process. If this were to be all you received, it would be a tremendous boost and lasting blessing. But of course, this is only the beginning.

Picture this: 

You are being gently held by Linda in the center of a circle of Masters, Sages, Archangels, and Saints as loving energy embraces and fills you, restores and strengthens you, aligns and guides you. You are - after all - the one they have waited for…just as you have awaited them. You are abundantly blessed in this miraculous circle of love. And it is in this sacred space that you are held from the beginning throughout the completion of your journey.


Take your lead from other students

Mary Valanzano

Wow! This was amazing…it was just what I needed…but didn’t know it! What a blessing.



Dottie Chandler

I can feel the fresh, clean entrance of truth…these infinite windows and doors opening ever wider within in taking hold of the sacred hands of Linda and the COL.

Janet Goss

I feel your love and the connection, unification as we go forth with our creations - the expansion of the Universal Laws is so much greater than I ever imagined.

One Last Thing

When there are decisions to be made - when you are at a choice-point - there is one simple yet profound truth to consider:


Two things have the power to run your life and dictate your decisions: Love and Fear. 


What if the fear can be dissolved?

Then what?

Then only one thing runs your life:


And the moment that there is only love, everything changes ~


Say ‘Yes’ to Love.


Claim your Ascended Self!



    Live webinars with Linda Dillon. The 90-min. webinars include Q&A and assignments along your spiritual path.

    ($900 VALUE)

    Dozens of audio files, and PDF class materials to further enhance your continuing self study. 


    Linda and her mentor team will answer all your questions, and guide you through the process using our exclusive online line forums. 


    A subscription to the COL Portal, an exclusive  membership program for 9 months, filled with even more learning material, courses, videos, books and discounts to other Council of Love events. 

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