2020 Ascended Self MasterClass Series

Experience Living in Love

For over 30 years Linda has helped thousands of people discover their true potential and transform their lives through the Council of Love workshops, webinars and personal channeling sessions

A MasterClass to "live in love" and fully embody Your Ascended Self

Have you been travelling for years gathering esoteric information but not able to make the translation to your practical everyday life?


Is it time to bridge the gap between spirit and life?


This MasterClass is your Treasure Map of discovery to fulfill your Spirit to Life Journey, on planet, in form. Step by step your life will miraculously change in practical ways as you embody your Ascended Self and become all you are destined to be.


The expanded live Ascended Self MasterClass is a 4-part deep heart series which includes course video teaching materials, in depth manuals, specialized books, targeted meditations, live SpiritLife coaching, an interactive private Forum, and personal guidance that holds life changing depth and value.


The segments are sequential, each building on the other, and you will experience the gifts growing day after day.


"Transformation is her gift. And the love that flows to and from her is legendary."

Meet Linda Dillon, one of the most experienced and gifted SpiritLife leaders and teachers in the country.

What Students Say

Martin Bedogne 

 "The Ascended Self MasterClass was for me, a culmination of many years of intense, dedicated self growth. Major breakthroughs here, and I have cleared the way for a brighter life and my future is now so much clearer. It took me to a whole new place. At the time I took part in the ASMC, I truly needed a bridge to my authentic self. I found it. And a support system along the way. For me, my spiritual growth has often been a lonely path, not so anymore. I am so grateful to Linda, the Council of Love and my fellow classmates. I never realized just how loved I really am."

Tiziana Paggiolu

 "I have been searching for my Soul Family since I can remember, and with Linda and the Council of Love I have found it. In the Master Class, the support received is indescribable. Linda's integrity, constant presence and support, her love and kindness, her fairness and inclusiveness... guided us to find who we really are. The COL, my relationship with my Guides and the community above and below really changed my life. It is a protected, non-judgmental, loving, inclusive community. I have found my family."


Robert Loveland

"One revelation which jumped out at me came from my wanting to work on Sacred Partnership, but when discussing feeling lonely I was helped to realize that the place I needed to look for a union/partnership is with the Divine and within myself." 










This first module guides you in a wondrous process of discovering your New You. Examples include your inter/multi- dimensional self, soul ray and mission, and how to navigate within the Mother's Infinite Ocean of Time. Right from the start we begin to implement real strategies that affect real life. These concepts bridge to the New Normal and what lies ahead for you as Nova Gaian. This segment is guided primarily by Jesus Sananda, Sanat Kumara and St. Germaine

  • 4 Live coaching classes Nov. 21; Dec. 5, 19; Jan. 9; 1-2:30 Eastern Time. You also will receive a copy of The New You book. All classes are recorded for further review.


How many times have you cleared and cleared just to have the old patterns re-emerge? You can't go forward and embody the fullness of your ascended self if you haven't transcended your core issues.  Core Issues are the lies that bar you from living in the fullness of who you really are. This module dissolves the old false constructs and making room for trust, joy and love. Under the guidance of Archangel Raphael and St. Germaine you receive the support, strategies and practical tools to set yourself free

  • 5 Live Life Coaching sessions - Jan. 23; Feb 13, 27; March 13, 27; from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time


The Inspired Self is where you more deeply come to understand and assume the fullness of your divine authority and knowing; where you learn to consciously maneuver between dimensional realities and move into conscious inspired action. This journey introduces astounding new concepts and anchors these into the practical essence of your everyday life.The module is primarily guided by  Archangel Uriel. 

  • 5 Live Webinar sessions in 2021: April 24; May 8, 22; June 5, 19;  1 - 2:30 p.m., Eastern Time. 

  • Deeper merging of known aspects of your angelic, star seed, Atlantian, Lemurian, Wingmaker selves


The crowning glory of your journey is the Divine Mother takes your ascended self by the hand and guides you in Her method of manifestation. Assisted by planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, and supreme alchemist, St. Germaine, the Mother teaches you Her approach of bringing the dreams of your heart into physicality. Experience the joy of living your passion and loving what you do.

  • 5 Live webinar sessions in 2021:July 10, 24; Aug. 14, 28, Sept. 11; 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern Time.
  • Learn to operate as a Conscious Creator, living in love. It's time to achieve and experience things beyond your wildest imagination. 

Lee Degani

"Linda is not only a Master Teacher but a Teacher of Teachers. The Ascended Self MasterClass has given me a deep understanding of my multidimensional self and how the Universe works. I have attained a state of Freedom and Joy that is enabling me to take the next step in fulfilling my Divine Mission and Purpose of working with children and their families."











Tomas Kianicka
Czech Republic

"This journey is really life-altering in the best way possible. The Ascended Self MasterClass is a journey of self rediscovery of a deep healing and of immense expansion. It changed me to the core. There is no place to regress to old self as it sometimes happens, for the love is so deeply infused there is no way of that happening ever again. It is a new way of being, embodying the love, compassion, kindness and radiant joy. What a journey! And as the healing finished, suddenly there was much more space for the love, much more joy and a more peaceful state than ever before. If you are presented with the opportunity to clean up the 'under the rug mess' and rise up and enjoy the life you could have in its fullness, what would you choose? Get ready to be amazed."

Julie Stenson

"I have moved forward spiritually into becoming more loving and more myself since knowing you Linda. The biggest thing I look for in any teacher, coach, guru, or hero is INTEGRITY. Linda and friends possess all. For me, the biggest blessing has been the patient love I have received. For this I am just so grateful."














    Live webinars with Linda Dillon. The 90-min. webinars include Q&A and assignments along your spiritual path. All classes are recorded for review.


    Dozens of audio files, and PDF class materials to further enhance your continuing self study. 


    Linda and her mentor team will answer all your questions, and guide you through the process using our exclusive online line forums. 


    Where Spirit meets Life Coaching - practical strategies and tools for life.  Take the quantum leap to anchor spirit in form. 

2 Options

Easy Investment

The Ascended Self MasterClass offers you $38,000 in benefits and life changing bonuses for just over $250 per month. Almost every year long class on any topic is priced between $5,000 and $10,000. The Ascended Self MasterClass is carefully, lovingly priced so that you can take this journey with Linda Dillon NOW! 

Our intention is to create a way for you to join us in this life changing MasterClass. 

We could have easily charged $10,000 and at the end you would have thought it a bargain because the value really is beyond any price. But we’re on a mission. We want to help you change your life so that together we can change the world. What you're reading are Linda Dillon’s words as they poured out of her heart.

So here’s what we’re asking:

You can pay $252 a month for ten months (That’s about $60 a week.)


You can pay the full $2,400 and save a little. 

We want you with us and so we’ve done everything we can to make that possible. Join us!


Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the access link to the MasterClass materials. Plus, you will receive, as our gift, free access for a year to our COL Community Membership Program


Finally, we want to extend our ‘no questions asked’ guarantee that allows a refund within 7 days from the start of the MasterClass, which is Sept. 19, 2020. This reflects our confidence in the value of the ASMC.



One-time payment

Full access to MasterClass material immediately. 
Get free access to COL Community for one year.



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Full access to MasterClass materials immediately.
Get free access to the new COL Community for one year.

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