Now it's time to not only meet this new cadre of COL teachers and SpiritLife Coaches, but to come together once again as family to explore what lies beyond the horizon. It's time to come together and formulate our next steps as the co-creators of Nova Earth! Please say yes - come join me online and meet our new teachers.

November 20-21, 2021



"We have been on this journey in fulfillment of My Plan,  Our Plan, and your plan together forever, and we will be on this journey together forever. This adventure does not end; it expands into the infinite and eternal wonder of creation.


"Think of it in this way... I am asking you, I am inviting you, and yes, at moments, I am imploring you to not only see the horizon but far beyond the horizon. You know that the horizon is ever-expanding, as are you, sweet angel. There is always more – to learn, to discover, to create.  There is always more to you -- to what you think, even dream, and imagine that you are capable of.

I am setting you free.  Will you join Me?"




Calling all angels, light workers,  love holders, seekers, believers, alchemists, healers, beamers, star beings , elementals, transformers, engineers and architects of Nova Earth! The Mother is beckoning!


On June 15, 2020, in one of my infamous 3 a.m. wake-up calls, the Divine Mother came to me and said, “You are about to embark on the most spectacular journey of your life.”  Little did I know. Although I have many moments of awe, these words from the Mother, and the energy that was infused into this message, had me standing back in wonder. In that moment, the COLT, Council of Love Teacher's Training, was birthed. And in many ways, this incredible, exciting and sometimes arduous undertaking has been my journey to beyond the horizon. 


In this Mother's New Time of transformation, the Council, the planet and the whole of humanity need a legion of teachers, SpiritLife coaches and Nova Gaians committed to the fulfillment of the Mother's Plan. The training of the new Council of Love teachers has been rigorous. They have completed 16 months of training, which was preceded by many COL classes, including the 12-month Ascended Self Master Class. This wonderful circle of COLTs has been vetted, infused, uplifted and anchored by not only the Mother but the entire Council of Love. They have been taught and mentored by a brilliant and dedicated faculty team. This inaugural group is ready to step up and begin their new adventure as the next generation of Council of Love teachers. They are and will be the unity ambassadors to humanity. Come meet them!









Event Schedule
(Times and presentations subject to change.)
(All times are Eastern Standard Time)

20 Nov.

10:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

We gather together in sacred joyful ceremony to receive the guidance of the Council, and reunite in heart. 

With Linda Dillon - Council of Love Founder

11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

How Does She DO It? Part 1

Manifesting Your Dreams Through The Divine Mother’s Creation Process


Our creations are not a matter of just asking heaven for it. YOU have a role to play! It’s what you were made for and why you are here NOW!  You are a co-creator of the Universe, so it's essential to understand how the Divine Mother does it. Learn the structured, intentional approach to manifesting your heart desires!

With Rob Loveland & Sue Scofield









11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Joy of the Medicine Wheel Within 

Come experience the magic of the  Medicine Wheel, feel the connection to Gaia and the Higher Realms. Welcome your blossoming into beauty with all our relationsReceive the gifts and wisdom the Council of the Ancient Chiefs and the entire Council of Love. Awaken your Medicine Wheel Within. Your past and future await you. AHO!

2- 3:30 PM

How Does She Do It? Part 2

Manifesting Your Dreams Through the Divine Mother's Creation Process

In Part 2 of this dynamic interactive workshop we move from the personal application of the creation process to focusing on coming together as Nova Gaians creating Global Unity Consciousness. In this New Normal the Mother invites us to co-create with Gaia, the kingdoms, the human collective and all above and below to create a world that works for everyone. Come join us in this co-creative brainstorming on our next steps in creating Nova Earth. 

3:45 - 5:15 PM

Divine Guidance & Intuitive Listening

Come and play with us! We're celebrating the unveiling of the brand- new Council of Love Sacred Inspiration Deck! We're excited to share the deck with you, talk about our creation process, choose cards and share our hearts on how we receive and listen to divine guidance through the lightest touch. We're all seeking, wanting directional signs and inspirational guidance. This is your personal invitation to the opening gala - we hope you'll join us! 

2- 3:30 PM

Traversing the Universe on Wings of Joy

Have you ever wanted to be an interdimensional time and space traveler? Come join Jennifer, Lee and AAGabrielle for an amazing voyage on the starship,  Beyond the Horizon, as we traverse the universe, use Joy to soar and receive gifts galore! Our mission is to explore strange new dimensional worlds. To seek out new forms of Balance. To discover why Balance is the key to Connection and Unity. To boldly go Beyond the Horizon and laugh and play along the way!

21 Nov.

10:00 AM

Morning Gathering

We begin by entering into sacred space, coming together as one circle to welcome the day and to open our hearts to the many gifts we are receiving and creating together.

With Linda Dillon - Council of Love Founder

11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Cosmic Balance:  Mind, Body and Spirit

Essential Tools for Ascension


With the vast change taking place both within and without during this monumental shift into heart consciousness, Balance is key… which is why the COL identifies it as one of the Keys to Heaven. So how do we achieve, live and proceed in the joy and stability of Balance? It all begins in the heart. Join us for deep discussion and sharing the whys and hows, practical tips and tools, and lots of joy and fun as we explore the essential Cosmic Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit.











11:15 AM -12:45 PM

Accessing Heaven: Prayer, Meditation & Ritual

Sacred communication - heart speaking and heart listening are the keys to authentic living. Come and explore the sacred triad of prayer, meditation and ritual - the how-to of accessing heaven! In this workshop we will practice heart speaking and heart listening in triads as a vehicle for opening to greater “in -to- me-see” (intimacy) with our own and each other's Soul as well as Heaven. Experience how we join in sacred union and the energy shifts when we sync up to our own heart and then to another's in genuine heart communication.

With Tomas Kianicka, Robin Hedstrom & Jewel Schroeder

2 - 3:30 PM

Gifts in Action

Applying the Council of Love’s Tools and Gifts in our Daily Lives


How would you like to go home from this conference and actually integrate what you learn into your daily lives? Start integrating COL tools into your daily life, ready and accessible for the times you can’t be in meditation. Learn on the fly lightwork. With the right intent, and a moment of Stillpoint you can use these tools in an instant. By being in our Divine Authority, and as a member of the human collective, we are the freewill gateway for the angels and helpers to come forth and assist. Invite and assign help to whatever problems you see in the world, as you see them. Join our lively interactive discussion on becoming the spiritual general contractor, equipped and ready with work boots and a tool belt.

With Paul Backes & Jewel Schroeder

2 - 3:30 PM

Demystifing Ascension: From Mother's Womb to Mother's Heart

Where  are you on the road to ascension? Are you on the path or does it seem far beyond the horizon? How do you really know when you get there? Join us for this interactive workshop where  we demystify the ascension process and share the keys to claiming and living your divinity.

3:45 PM

Closing Ceremony

We joyfully come together again as one circle to hear the guidance from the Council of Love as we go forth co-creating Nova Earth - claiming our sovereignty as Nova Gaians. 

With Linda Dillon

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