The New You Webinar Course

Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity's Heart Consciousness

Linda Dillon

The New You is your gateway to Living in Love!


We are living through the most extraordinary times! We are being asked to step forward as Nova Gaians co-creating the New Normal in what is both a challenging and exciting time of expansion. The Divine Mother has told us that this is a time of both rebirth and Her clarion call to action.


How do we navigate these shifting currents of change? How do we best embrace the theme of new beginnings within and without? How do we anchor in our hearts embodying our unified selves while stepping into our role of co-creating Nova Earth?


Are you ready to live in love, to claim your birthright of joy? Of course you are! And, of course there is work to be done, but we have the full benefit of being guided every step of the way. But the focus of this work has to be on YOU — because if we are not clear and joyful vessels for the Light — it is not possible to be fully engaged in this massive transformation, this redefinition of what it means to be human, to be Nova Gaian.

The New You is a four-Saturday live online course (1.5 hours each class) that liberates you from the old paradigms of the 3rd dimension, and anchor you into the new reality of the 7th dimension of Love and Christ Consciousness. This is also the first segment in the Ascended Self MasterClass, which will be made available to those who consciously choose to continue this journey of ascension. 


This intensive webinar series examines and addresses every aspect of your life, focusing on and clearing old issues, creating new wisdom, understandings, and, equipping you with strategies and approaches that not only work, but enhance your life.

Our purpose is to come together heart to heart  and co-create our personal Heaven on Earth, integrate and transmit the highest frequencies of love, and then expand this out all over the planet, creating and anchoring Nova Earth.

The New You

What Will You Gain From The New You Series:

  • New depth of perspective and understanding of who you are, your soul mission and purpose
  • The answers to why am I here, what was the promise to the Divine, how do I proceed in fulfilling my deepest hear's desires
  • Stategies that support your transition to the unified self
  • Removal of debris in the spiritual, mental, emotional, causal, etheric and physical fields
  • Deeper understanding of how to work with each of your fields in a unified manner – harmonizing and expanding your energies
  • Every day approaches to living your life in a co-creative mode and enhances your dreams and the building of Nova Earth
  • Creation of a new depth of fulfillment and understanding of sacred union with your sacred self and your circle.
  • What is Universal Law - how do these Laws work and how can you implement them 
  • Clearing, expansion and creation of kind, considerate, loving relationships with family, friends, colleagues and community
  • How to implement and change our beloved planet in significant ways that reflect your mission and role in building Nova Earth 

What if I get behind?

Life Happens! Right? It’s not a problem. This material is designed to be a self study course as well as a live presentation. If something happens and you get a week or two behind on the materials, it’s not a problem. Those who sign up for this course are given LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the training materials made available in this course. Also, you will have ongoing “reading” access to all of the discussion forum topics, with all the other participant’s questions and responses that take place during the course.


This is a Council of Love Shift Intensive. It is not designed for the weak of heart or the timid of spirit. This is a course channeled to truly and permanently take the quantum leap into your new life, the New Normal, and the new reality of Nova Earth.

The series includes:

  • Copy of The New You Book
  • Downloadable audio meditations
  • Channeled messages and guidance specific to each class
  • Interactive Q & A
  • Interactive daily online forum to post questions, encourage discussion, share thoughts, strategies and solutions
  • A supportive and safe space community in which to grow, process and become
  • Online access to playback of previous classes
  • Channeled reading assignments
  • Schedule is on the Saturdays:  Nov. 21; Dec. 5, 19; Jan. 9. Class times is 1-2:30 Eastern Time. 


What previous students say about the New Your Course.

Roz Lett

"I am so thankful I chose the Council of Love as my spiritual guidance. Nothing gives me greater assurance for knowing truth than having lived these past (almost 30 years) in unity and connectednes with the COL. I realize their love has both anchored me on Gaia as a citizen of light and guided me into becoming the New You that I am. My deepest gratitude to you, Linda, as the COL channel. Your actions are always exemplary of what you teach. I love you and am honored to be your friend."

Lorraine McGovern

“When the New You class was announced in early 2013, I knew it was for me.  It not only answered questions, but brought me to a safe space in which I could use the tools offered, try them on for size and trust that the right and perfect experiences and outcomes would manifest. 

The adjectives to describe The New You Class are endless - fantastic, filled with clarity and supported by a loving community of like-minded seekers. Truly, it was a loving and joy-filled experience.”

Mary Valanzano

Linda, this class was amazing…it was just what I needed…but didn’t know it! It seems like your books and classes/webinars build on themselves yet the teachings stand alone. I have looked back at my notes from years ago and the same concepts apply today … with a higher vibration and geared for today’s world. What a blessing that I found you and the Council of Love. Thank you for your gentle, loving heart.



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